Can someone make me a custom doa4 stick?

I have had it with the damn 360 pad and so I am trying to learn the stick but I can’t really use Japanese parts so I am seeing if anyone could help me out and make me a custom stick for the 360 with all american parts?

I am willing to pay whatever it may cost.

I built a couple and still can build them. the P360 might be a problem. I haven’t found a full 5v coming from the pad.

One of the wires coming into the pad should carry +5 V according to USB spec, did Microsoft not adhere to it? Would think the weird grounding scheme to be a bigger problem for optical joysticks, or have you managed to find a third-party PCB with a common ground? If so please do share, I sure could use one for my projects!

Well when I poked my multi-meter around in there I couldn’t find anything. I don’t own a X360, so it was plugged into my desktop. I honestly don’t know if there is a difference or not.

There should be a +5v coming out of the xbox360’s usb port.

Even better you might find something on/near the headphone port.