Can someone make me a new avatar

So, I was keeping my AXEL KELLY PLEASE BELIEVE avatar so that it would give me the strength to win evo by praying to the altar of downback. This was not the case.

Can someone make me a raw ass avatar? I don’t care what it is of, as long as it looks SO SO FRESH.

Serious option:

Comedy option:

I’ve been begging for a Seth avatar for months now, any chance someone has the spare love to make me one of them?

We should get NWM avatars.

I would LOVE to use the Comedy option except it has fucking Fergie in it. If it had Slick Rick or Doug E. Fresh on it I would throwdown in a heartbeat, can you hook it up man? :tup:

had enough of my strikingly good looks? I don’t blame you, it can be overwhelming

Some people have character specific NWM avatars. Maybe ask Brentobox about them? I can also hook you up with this one if you want.

Slick Rick!:


Antihero, would you have time to try making a lolcat bison av?

I would like to take the character select picture of M Bison (dictator) in Championship Edition:

but instead of having his face, have the face of this cat:

And then on the bottom would be an animated message saying

I haz a kambo (first animated sentence)
on ur dizy (second animated sentence)

You would be my (anti)Hero.

<3 Fellers

Sure I can put that together for you tonight


The best part is that Seth is holding a Bag of Tim’s Cascade jalapeno chips!

I just noticed that! Fucking sweet. The only bad part is SRK says it’s too big! Do I have to be Premium to get that Avatar to work or somethin?

Sick avatars Dave. Got dem fotoshawp skiwlz

Oh shit I forgot about the size limitation

easy fix:

Your file of 35.7 KB bytes exceeds the forum’s limit of 19.5 KB for this filetype.

Doh! I won’t fail you again :stuck_out_tongue:

14kb now pNo:


Super sexy!

Maybe I’ll buy Premium so I can use those flash-sex ones you made prior. :slight_smile:


OMFG Tim’s Cascade, that is straight northwest right there. :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks antihero!