Can Someone make me a Pirate avatar ;D

Jack Sparrow and Ruby Heart must sail the Srk sea’s, can someone help me out? ill attach some images to help you out, but if possible, ( me is the premium ) for ruby heart, could you put in it, her winning stance, where she holds her anchor high, and her krew comes down all pimp like. i dont know if anyone has that sprite so i requested it in the mvc2 chanksta thread.

i got come pics of jack sparrow but if anyone has better one, let me know. thanks a bunch to whomever helps me out :tup:

  • heres one pic , ill post more *

another one

Bump. please, someone?

ill give it a shot if you dont mind?

that would be great ;D, but i still dont have the animated sprites to give you :(. the one where ruby heart wins, and she stands on a treasure chest and her crew comes down. no one seems to have it.

hmm well if you get it ill do it then…

You should add B. Jenet from Garou:MOTW as well, for the pirate theme.