Can someone make me a Rumble Fish 2 AV?

I just want an AV of, “Aron” from Rumble Fish 2. If it’s possible could you get the sprite of him in his white outfit? Just get him in his fighting stance. Put my name, “Demon Hyo” in it and just make it look cool in whatever way you can. Sorry I don’t have more details, but I have class coming up and I don’t have much time.


Dam…I’d love to find sprites from that game.

I hope someone can because he’s awsome.

I would like a pie. Could you find me a pie. Anyone? I need a pie please.

Someone better rip RF sprites soon before I go insane.


Can someone capture the rainbow in a butterfly net for me?



Taste the rainbow.

No one has found one yet?

No one has ripped them yet. Otherwise people would be ALL over that shit.


I found some!!!

…pies, that is.

You can find them at magical places called “bakeries”.