Can someone make me a sig?

or if anyone has the spirtes. C-groove bar ok?

Wrong thread.

2k7 = Bad Year for users.


which thread do i go to?

moved to IMM.

the links dont work…and what size did you want it?

…gotta be a lil more specific ya know.

just copy and paste the url. . …pics are bad quality. . …

I’ll do it 1 of the 3. . .

make it a decent sig size.
heres the actual images


Tat guy said he’d do one of the 3 …plus there are no dimensions this for SRK or another forum?

Just realized he wants an av. … and called it a sig. . … .

no thank you to that. . …

Come on guys, get in the spirit and make the guy a sig!

I’m bored.

heres the sprites


why don’t you ask .dub.? he makes good animated stuff.

and that is who?

.dub. is .dub. duh
read the rules and go look for an av maker to make your stupid sig.


holy shit take it easy on the guy.

What’s with the neg rep too?



ok i balanced it out kinda

Hate these things: