Can someone make me an AV please?


I’ve been a kim kaphwan fan for a long time and I think it’s time I had a cool looking AV to use on SRK. If you know how to make AV’S and are reading this please consider my request. There are only teo specifications that I have: 1. It has to have a lightning bolt style background and 2. The name Viper at the bottom. thanks…


ok so let me get this straight…

you want an av with a different name on it?

thats prob bot gonna be something ppl jump to. I have personally had way too many ppl try an have a av done here and pass it off as thier work for someone else.

it is easily doable, but ppl are going to wonder why it has someone els’s name on it.


No it’s not that. It’s just another name people know me by. And I just like the name. On the other hand it would just be better with my own name. Kaphwan239 it is. I had no intention of offending anyone or starting problems. Anyone who is willing to make an AV with my name: Kaphwan239 it would be greatly appreciated.


hows this… i had a few minutes…i did not have the time i needed to do something better but its something for now…


You are the MAN! Thank you so much for doing me this service!:slight_smile: :smiley: