Can someone make me an av???




wtf didnt tat guy jus make that av u have?


yea but a-groove now


^ yea but ur breakin rules now


i did wear it for 2 weeks.


^ its not even been a week bro

u got it on 07-31


no i didnt


^ check back at ur post’z yea u did


…lol, gumz is laying down the law!


can anyone just make me one?


GuMz only speaks the truth!


can u guys make me one but i wont wear it???


Don’t think it works that way.:sad:


honestly, i think your best bet is just to forget about this whole thing, and wait out the two-week duration. then you request again. that, and you might wanna fix all of your posts. because either you really didn’t know that it was less than a week ago that you got your av, or you just straight up lied to GuMz’s face. :rofl: