Can someone make me an av

using this pic…if it’s possible, i would like to have my SN on it and sentinel saying McFly!!!:lol: thanks in advance…

sure, i’ll give it a try… check my thread later tonight… i’ll be up late making shit, cuz i wont be here for a week. spring break baby!!! mwuahhahahahahahahaha

i’ll do urs… do u want it animated?

thanks alot man…you can animate it if you want…but what would be good? use your imagination…:lol:


the image u gave me was annoying… that triangle thing was a bitch… and idk… i tried to make it look like a comic strip, but somewhat unsucessful… if u don’t like then some1 else get this pleas

this one mihgt be a bit better

since i jacked it up, any1 else wanna take this? i don’t have photoshop at home / library… so i’m done until i get back to school


man dood, i’m sooo sorry…i don’t have a comp at home so i haven’t been online for a while…but thanks anyways…they both look tight…i’ll start with Holy knights first…btw Holy Knight, i can’t use the av cuz it says it’s not a valid gif or jpeg…:frowning:

You need to clear your temporary internet files, then. As for now, instead of clicking the attachment(s), right-click and save as from there.

well, it turns out that the file is too big…but his crummy comp doesn’t have the program to downsize it…so i’m stuck out…:bluu:


thanks alot dood…works like a charm…