Can someone make me an avatar(s)?

heres the pics:

these are the same guys I just cant decide which I want (you decide):

wow.(patience is a virtue)

You know man…plenty of avatar request threads…go to them, their not gonna come to you

i’ll do it tomorrow

Thank You.:wgrin:

now do both of those guys have to be in it?

There you have it. Watch your ass ^-^

lol, id wear it…

Hook me up with a avatar JJ.

wow!,tokusatsu rape!..I was lookin for somethin a little diffrent though:wonder:

yay you’re using it :lovin:

J4YX2,the avatar is cool im will use it, but shatterstar can you please make me an avatar (I like your style) these are all the same guy I cant decise which is the best one to use:

-also could you like incorporate some kind of cool background or somethin?

since you’ve already took her avatar, then no i can’t take your request. you’ll need to wait 2 weeks before you can get a new one. plus, a girl made you an avatar. do you know how rare that is?!

ok,that is cool that a girl made it :rolleyes:

You lack skillz, even for a girl.

well i dont know about that

unless you mean here
then yes you got the aggro crag

So what conclusion will you guys/gals come to will any of you make it? please:wgrin: