Can someone make this av for me?


If its not too much trouble, id like to have one with Rock doing his win pose where hes brushing himself off. I want it to be animated and with a k-groove bar, and with whatever cool background you can come up with. Maybe at the top of it you can put acX. Hopefully it wont be too difficult. Thanks in advance. :smiley:


Please? :smiley:




Thanks! I cant wait! :smiley:


Be expecting it later today!:smiley:

O, and if possibele, can you please post the Rock sprite.


SoulHadou. what’s up? you just requested the same avatar from Spank?:bluu:


Well, I wasnt sure if Ninja Gaiden was going to do it or not, so I asked if he could do it. We’ll see how that one turns out.


Hmm well if ninja wants ill do one and i guess you decided which one you want or something.Hows that sound?


Sounds perfect. Did you get the sprite that I wanted from your AV thread? I couldnt believe I found it online. hehe


Here it is incase you couldnt find it.


Any luck?


Monkey spank, go ahead. I cant do anims right now cause my Image Ready is messed up. Otherwise, unless SoulHadou wants the Non-Motion avatar I made him for fun. I attached the avatar.


Thanks for trying Ninja Gaiden. It looks nice but I really really want to get it animated. I appreciate it though.


:frowning: i tried.


Thats exactly what I wanted!!! The only thing I would change is the text, but besides that everything is great! Maybe whenever you get a chance you could do some different text? Thank you though, it looks good besides that. :slight_smile:


Heh yeah text is always a bitch, I hate it lol.


Actually, now that ive had it for a few hours I kinda like the text. Do you watch wrestling at all? If so, then you know why i needed to have Rock animated, so that the title “you cant see me” would make sense. :cool: