Can someone please explain Chris Brown's appeal?

This guy is everywhere again and I can’t fucking handle it.

Maybe because I still remember how Ike and his whole legacy got buried after he beat Tina. Was that because Ike was an actual influential musician and Tina could actually sing?

Now these two clowns are making music about rough sex again and I’m bombarded with Team Breezy and all that horseshit.

In closing:

Part of his appeal is 18-20 year old hoes who think “he’s fine” and that “RiRi shouldn’t have opened her mouth” and “she had it coming”.

Most of these hoes coincidentally, have little to any self esteem.

man I’m tired of the cb bashing. Dude apologized and that shit was years ago now. I’m not condoning his behavior in any way, but as far as everyone knows it was a one time mistake. America forgives everyone (see michael vick, ben rothlesberger, etc) but people are still hating cb so much. Dude is talented that’s why people like him. And he sings just as well as rihanna (who can’t sing worth shit)

No one really forgives Vick, he’s just not in the spotlight, while chris brown is still performing.

He’s “forgiven” in the sense that he isn’t nearly as “radioactive” as he once was. If the Eagles do well next year he may end up with some endorsement deals.

To answer the actual thread he’s appealing because women love him. The age group that he appeals the most to have short attention spans and probably don’t have that deep of a grasp of what domestic violence is actually like. Truth is I don’t really give a fuck. I’m not a fan, but I don’t have to be a fan of someone’s personal life to be a fan of them professionally.

its funny because if you call black girls nappy headed hoes, and you lose your job. but if you beat the shit out of a black girl and nobody gives a fuck?


also if these dumb young hos like chris brown, they should just take a boxing class. they can get the beatdown they so desire and get some self esteem in the process.

I can agree that you don’t have to approve of someone’s personal life to be a fan of them professionally. I just think it’s weird that all of his songs are about cuddly love which flies in the face of his personal life and people just buy into it.

Good to know that if David Guetta makes me a song, I can get away with anything. Shit if you catch a domestic violence charge and get convicted, it makes your job prospects slimmer than they already are (anywhere that does a background check).

Appeal? He’s an ahmazing singer (who ought to stick to the soft stuff) and dancer. And from what I hear, he can really lay a beat down ;).

  1. We don’t know what happened.
  2. Both him and Michael Vick payed for what they did and that should be the end of it. Wanna hold a grudge, fine. Do it, but don’t try to make everyone else see it the same way as you. Everyone has to move on from their mistakes somehow.
  3. Double-standards are your real enemy. Not people who happen to be famous and make a big dumb mistake in public. Normal people make big dumb mistakes all the time and have to learn from them the hard way the same way the famous guys do.

I agree though, celebrity hype in general is really dumb. :tup:

can someone explain to me why does the OP cares about Chris Brown?

Because he’s all over TV again, showing up in my beloved All-Star game and winning Grammys. Can’t I discuss this here or does it need to be: “Could Dostoyevsky really be considered as modern existentialism?”

Edit: Also, the fact that he’s making songs with the woman he beat and perpetuates the message of acceptable bad behavior by celebrities. This is what future women of this country listen to/patronize and I find that to be cause for some kind of alarm.

His appeal is that someone magically gave him appeal by shoving his face on tv enough times.

I really don’t care about if Chris Brown beats up Rihanna or if Vick makes dogs beat each other up for entertainment. What bothers me is that in this state of the world we live in, financially these clowns make more money then all of us combined in a single year. It’s like we, as consumers, work our asses off like adults and these entertainers like kids, do the minimum i.e. a fucking talent show and gets showered in hugs(money) and kisses(our attention). Fucking A /rant

and you care about him because he is winning Grammy’s? You can certainly discuss him, which you are by responding to my response. Guy gets exposure at All Star game and wins Grammy’s (joke of award), big deal. People like shit, simple as that. I used to be like you.

Why do people like “insert_name_here”, until i realized that people like the stupidest shit. Which explains why there a quite a few millionare kids who made millions of stupid useless inventions/gimmicks. You can’t explain why the masses like things. All you need to know is that people in the limelight know how to appeal to the lowest common denominator and exploit it.

I answered your question somewhere in there.

which is why I pirate shit. The fuck am I going to support a multi million dollar band, when a teacher makes 40K a year and takes work home.

Chris Brown needs to go on the show Spartacus

I heard Chris Brown is quite the womanizer. He knows how to hit on women.

LOL. He wasn’t even punished for it, he had to pick up a few bits of rubbish from the pavement and that was it. He got the celebrity treatment, except this time it wasn’t a DUI celeb he physically beat the shit out of a woman. If that had been your average joe blogs off the street he would be in prison now doing 3 to 5 years!!
Just because he can sing and dance really well doesn’t give him a pass. I [S]hate[/S] don’t understand people like you, the man should not be admired.

Annnnd you realize that before you made this topic, he wasn’t on SRK? Good job on the CB promotion.
The less you wanna hear about something, the less you talk about it.

Yeah because SRK is definitely his target demo. I just feel like I’m taking crazy pills seeing his re-emergence and would like SRK’s usual bemusing input and ham-fisted Chris Brown puns.


OK, now any comments relating to why I posted this should be answered.

Fuck Chris Brown. I went on a 16 game win streak with Yang in 3rd Strike today with the flu and you all wanna talk about Chris Brown? People got some messed priorities.