Can someone please explain option selecting to me

i know how to OS throw tech, but how do i do other option selects…i main Guy…for example, how could i option select something with his slide ( ). also, i was wondering, since you can option select specials, could i option select an ultra ?

btw, sorry if there is a specific thread for this, but i couldnt find one…i tried searching for “option select” and a bunch of stuff came up, but a lot of it was character specific and didnt explain HOW to do it.

thanks guys !

I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of option selects. I don’t really understand what “since you can option select specials, could i option select an ultra ?” means.

What option select are you talking about?

when i said specials, i meant from a safe jump… like…cant you jump in with, then make it safe by buffering the DP motion just before/as you land ? (using Ryu as an example) … and yeah the only option select i really understand is the OS throw tech one

on the basic jump in option select yes you could also use an ultra,
as for more advanced option selects they get more character specific. check the guy forum, i remember kevin explaining some guy option select on a tournament stream from a NY last week.

Don’t complicate shit by bringing SF2 in here. That has nothing to do with this.

If you want to option select a move into a safejump, just do the jump-in attack, and do the command you want to option select in.

If you want to option select Guy’s slide, just do a jump-in and then do the command for the slide.

If they block your jump-in, the blockstun holds you in the air for a split second and prevents you from doing the slide. If they backdash, you will never connect with your attack and you’ll land immediately, doing the slide.

I hope that makes sense.

Oh shit didn’t read the OP post… sorry thought he wanted a definition lol… I’ll delete my post bro…

there are 3 ways to option select as far as i know in sf4:

  1. input priority (this is what your doing to os tech throw) where in if you hit multiple buttons at the same time generally the lk has the higher priority since you can’t throw while crouching it overpowers the lp in the input, but if they start a throw you can’t lp or lk so the throw tech happens, you can even add a 3rd input like a mp into it so that mp instead of lk comes out because it’s a higher priority input. another way of utilizing this property is to do a meaty or other chainable light for your character and really quickly buffer in a special input or an ultra… but you just hit the ultra or special button AND the or lp again (gotta be fast) this works because a chain has higher priority than the specials or ultra input so if the hits it chains back into itself, but if they backdash it cant cancel into itself and the ultra or whatever comes out.

  2. input buffering. a lot of normals are cancel-able during their active frames, so if you buffer a special into those frames if it connects on hit or block the special comes out automatically, but if you whiff there is nothing to cancel out of and you enter recovery frames so that special can’t come out. ex: against balrog ken can buffer a dp into his’s that way if balrog tries to ex rush through a the dp is allready there and he gets smacked for it.

  3. variable hit/block stun. this is what mariodood is talking about, where you time your option select input so that if you hit them or they block the special can’t come out because of the few frames of pause in the air that is caused, but if they avoid your airborne attack those frames aren’t present and you land into your special or ultra.