Can someone please explain this

I was playing some nice Super with some pals today and we were doing stupid things. Suddenly one of my friends pulls out this little piece of Guy technology that I’ve never seen before.


Now I know a good amount of info on a lot of characters in this game, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this. As you can see here, Guy does not use any meter and mashing QCF while hitting only triple kick (pad player.) There was no way for him to hit focus, and he didn’t use any meter to do an EX dash. This is Super, and I don’t know if it’s repeatable in AE, or at all, for that matter.

So what the fuck is going on?

He canceled the EX Run, which has armor, into U1. Many characters can do this armor-cancel, and it requires no meter.

You mind giving me more info on this? Some more examples of characters too? How does an EX move not use meter? The things I thought I knew…

Technically, every character in the game can do an armor cancel by using the armor gained by the charging of a focus attack and cancelling the focus attack into a taunt. The more practical (some are more practical than others) armor cancels, of course, belong to characters with special attacks that have the armor property: Abel, Balrog (Boxer), El Fuerte, etc.


Special note: by performing an armor cancel, the follow-up attack doesn’t require meter if it doesn’t use any meter itself. For example, Abel can perform an armor cancel Tornado Throw, and it will not require meter. Guy can perform an armor cancel EX Bushin Flip (which is projectile invincible on start up), but it will require a meter (since Guy is using the armor from an EX Run).