Can someone please explain to me what's going on with that unblockable on front page?

I’ve watched the video, and have a rough idea of what’s happening, but I’m not educated enough on the specific mechanics of the game to understand what all the fuss is about. All I can discern is Ryu throwing a fireball, canceling, then ultra. What’s the big deal?

You can’t block in googly eyes state cause be the Ultra animation. So you time the fireball to hit during those frames which is a short window.

Yeah the current theory is that the “Oh shit!” face the opponent makes when an ultra is activating makes it so they can’t block anything. So they get hit by the fireball, then the ultra itself.

i wonder if this has been discovered too late for it to be removed from super. That said the general consensus with it seems to be that it’s pretty hard to pull off/setup properly. I can definitely see someone someone like daigo with his excellent execution pulling this off easily though.

its timed so that the fireball cannot be blocked due to the Oh Shit pause where control is temporarily disabled, you can think of it like putting a fireball out but before you can even block i forced you to not block, and that’s how you’ll get hit by the fireball. The ultra just follows up because they’re in hitstun and you’ve taken advantage that they can’t block at this time, what better way to punish than throwing out an ultra?

Yeah everyone said it already. When you’re flinchd from the first fireball the ultra hits you.

Because I don’t feel anyone explained it plainly enough:

You’re not able to block the fireball because of the ultra animation so, you get hit by it even if you’re trying to block. Then the hitstun from the hado you can’t block allows the ultra to land. Thus the ultra is unblockable.

Its really not hard at all to pull off. I’m not sure why they keep saying it as if it is true. Ken, Ryu, and Seth’s set up do not even require them to move into place by taking a small step. Its just throw, instant back dash, fadc fireball into ultra… Timing needs to be fast, but definitely not hard. I can do Ken’s version about 50% right now and I’m not even good at this game and I’ve only practiced it for about 30 minutes. Sagats and Roses set up can be harder because of the small step, but considering if it were a viable technique, top players will be doing it every chance they get.

it looks viable, i think it was just a matter of no one stumbling upon it until now, guess we’ll have to wait and see if it pops up in a high level tournament sometime in the future

Honestly if you don’t know it’s coming all it’s going to look like is a meaty fireball until it’s too late. How could you possibly anticipate this? If you start wake up dragon punching meaty fireballs just to avoid the unblockable ultra setup you’ll probably end up worse off.

I have a feeling this could be worse than it seems…

Well, no one would really throw a meaty fireball and FADC it unless they were going to use this, as using two stocks to try and bait something is pretty expensive. So if you can react to the FADC then you can get out of most of these setups. However, Seth’s meter-less setup might be something to worry about as there is nothing to react to. You have to simply guess if Seth is going to ultra or bait you, after which he can simply ultra to punish you from full screen. Thankfully Seth’s ultra doesn’t do too much damage.