Can someone please explain


Why doesn’t anyone like CFE/CFJ? There might already be a thread about this, if there is, can someone please point me in it’s direction?



It’s because they don’t want to, that’s it.



It’s just a rehash of other games compiled, but done poorly. Honestly, it feels like they took characters from other games, didn’t consider the character mechanics from those games (ie. Yun Genei Jin or Sakura A3 custom combo), and forced the CvS2 fighting engine unto them and eliminated CvS2 roll cancel.


Exactly, it’s basically everything we’ve seen before, except worse…


Lack of characters+ Half-assed graphics/stages etc. When my arcade got it people where all like “ZOMG WHUR ISH KEN!?” So yeah in addition some chars had certain things removed/tweaked EX: Urien or Yun that made them unplayable for certain people

Hauzer is AWESOME.


There have been other threads about this already, try doing a search.

CFJ isn’t as bad as most people say. It’s just that the original games are better. Maybe, if CFJ had been released 7-8 years ago it might had been a successful game, but considering that it came out in 2004, after games like CvS2 & MvC2, it ended up disappointing most players. On the bright side, CFJ inspired SNK to create NGBC.


u have a point even the worst games can sometimes be good if not in gameplay… helping out the creative minds of snk in creating such a masterpice of a game like ngbc!


Do you guys think it’s broken or not competitivly playable? I’m just curious. I haven’t played it much, but it seemed like an ok game from vids and stuff.





Yeah, I play games for the gameplay, not the aesthetics.

That being said, Campcom Fighting Jam/Evolution was just a very boring game due to the way some characters were designed.

It was very boring and aggravating to fight Leo, Nool(hydron), and Mukuro(kenji). They had really long safe abusable pokes, stupid rushdown traps, and their ultimate guard was just fucking dumb. Fighting Urien, Karin, Jedah, and Anakaris was also unfortunately no fun at all. I much rather fight those characters in the respective games they came from.

The aesthetics also being horrible was just an additional downside. The music and announcer and sound effects were all pretty horrible, the backgrounds were dull and stupid, and the sprites weren’t upgraded with any new animations or shading or anything (they were just strait up rehashed).


Now I am a huge Karin fan and player…so I like CFJ for the sole purpose that its got KARIN and she fits in the CVS2 engine better than A3!! And yes, it did inspire the other game we could talk about in my thread why people aint totally in it yet…NGBC.

But thats another story of course.

Give Karin some Reppukens and shes FEMALE GEESE!:rock:

Then with NGBC SNK made-

-Better music
-Very fun game
-More characters
-Toned down SVC engine and SVC characters.
-Pretty well balanced game even after almost 2 years of playing it hardcore at the highest level its a well balanced game overall.

So all this shit you all are talking about yes its as if SNK saw what Capcom did and decided to do it their way with NGBC…correcting things Capcom didnt have going for it with CFE/J.


Jedah and Anakaris.


Get that shit outta here…if people wanna play SNK games they will play. STFU already.

Xenozip is on point. CFJ is’nt broken by any means it’s just boring and dull.


Well AF it is a good chance to talk about it you know…once again don’t hate on me…

Its a good time to talk about NGBC briefly and why not? Matter of fact I aint the one that mentioned it but oh noes of course you wanna take a shot at me…

How strange…so you say STFU I say STFU back atcha :rofl:


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seriously dark geese shut the fuck up


And I say STFU back to you. If you dont like it DONT READ IT.

**Hard concept aint it??? **You still hate on me because of years ago anyways …

Now back on topic…

Karin is great in CFE like I was saying…give her a repukken and she’d be Geese!

She’s the main reason I enjoy playing it to this day…Ingrid reminds me of an SNK character actually…I find her rather fun to play as!

Anymore Ingrid players out there?


seriously though we’re talking about CFE not ngbc ngbc is irrelevant to this

its fun i like it :smiley:


Do you guys think they should even bother with a sequel to CFE though??? If Capcom takes their time with it they can surely make it better…or all they had to do was make an upgrade for it like they did with SF2 and 3 and make the game better/more fun.

And should they put tagging in the sequel etc or keep it how its like “Choose before the round/fake tagging?”