Can someone please make me a Av


Hello I would really like a avatar with Dhalsim floating doing the meditation thing he does like when he teleports or one of Blanka doing his shock with the name verbel in there somewhere. I would really appreciate it Thanks.


I just wanted to add I dont really care what colors are used but I like yellow the best Thanks


I got this.


Here you go.


Dang thats tight good job:D


Sweet Thanks alot I really appreciate it


Im sorry to sound dumb but when I try to put this up it says its too big what should I do?



I did check Nemesis work. It is showing almost over 20 k.

Hey… it is 20.8 k avatar. I think Nemesis will redo for you.


it dosent matter i just went ahead and got the Premium member thing Ive been meaning to do it anyway thanks all


Oh… anyway… okay… be happy with it. :smiley: welcome for new premium member.


I am thanks its sweet.


Well, since you have premium now, I can put up the version with better quality.


really that would be awsome thanks


Here’s the version with the best quality.