Can someone please make me a simple avatar? :(


Can someone PLEASE make me a avatar of Magneto(if possible, the Light Kick color magneto which is the color on my avatar now) doing his wave dash or anything that u think its kool like his taunt. But can u put the background something like the attach file (the moving background)…
Can u make the avatar size 176*176,(there is no limit on the file size so it can be over 500kb) i’m gonna use it for my website? If its not a big deal, can u add the little spinning decepticon logo on it like my avatar now…
Thank u in advance to whoever is kind enough to do it…


can you send me the spinning decepticon lugo? cuz i cant rip it out, also which colors preference do you want(just name 2 colors)


Here is the spinning logo…The Light kick color magneto. Its the one on my avatar now.
Thanxz in advance