Can someone please make me a Venom avatar?

Hey guys.

Can anyone make me a Venom avatar using the “Venom Web” move from the MvC1or2 game?? If so I would greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

ii do it ;]

here ya go

hpoe u like it ;]

this is venom web

plus i think he wanted his name on it

i’ll try it


here’s a better copy of it… less blurry


[EDIT] didnt see the blue web [/EDIT]

there is vemon web… kinda… in the last one… :sweat:… errrr… hold up… let me put on my glasses… yup… theres web…


:lol: it’s all good. i couldn’t find a sprite with the web… only the one with the pose of him in venom web, so i used that pic that the guy before posted of the venom web… bleh… i would have made my own web, but i don’t know how :(… n00b