Can someone please make me an anime avatar thing

I’d like an avatar in the style of things like this:

(but not so gay :xd: )

(but not so gay :xd: )

Except with Conan from Case Closed (“Detective Conan”). I have a lot of trouble finding source images :\ Maybe you guys would know where to look?

Anyway, I’d like it to have “Zand” on it with the letters blinking and stuff, but still keep it 100x100 @ 10k. Thanks :slight_smile: Also, I like pastel colors, and magenta and pink.

I tryed:

Edit: Oops, 10k limit… sorry. I make a new one in the next 2-3 days, if it’s ok.

New one…

Last Bump…:wink:

you guys rock :cool: