Can someone please make me an Avatar?


I would like one, but I cant decide on what. I know what I mainly want is I-no from Guilt Gear XX to be on my avatar. With sprite or no sprite or just a plain good picture edited or what. I like to see other peoples artwork on how they do avatars since Im not good at making avatars at all. But if I have to be specific, this is what I would like.


Can I have I-No in her ground dashing animation flying over and random fight game characters. Like she is on top of them just flying over them and my name on the bottom left. I would appriciate it. Im not good at making requests sorry.

Thanks in Advance…


good luck on finding any I-no sprites. I looked around for one because i was gonna make it for you, but I kept coming up short. I’ll let you know if I happen to come up with something cool though.