Can someone please post a pic of their Mad Catz SE PCB

I had an accident where a wire from the usb cable came loose and long story short, I tried to have it professionally repaired and the tech clipped all 5 wires and returned it to me…
So I need a reference of where to resolder the wires…

The yellow rectangle illustrates where the issue is…

I am pretty sure it goes
black sgrnd
black gnd
yellow D+
white D-
red 5v

But you should look around. That pcb pic is probably posted thousands of times on this site.

Goes Thick Black for Shield Ground.
Goes Black for Ground.
Goes Green for Data+.
Goes White for Data-.
Goes Red for +5V.

what kind of "professional"repairs it by returning it to you with a cut usb cable and in the end not having it fixed?

lol I was thinking the same thing.

I thought too.

That is not professional.

Did he charge you money?

Nah my money was returned. I was pretty upset that it was returned in worse shape than it started out… It was whoever radioshack outsourced their repairs to…

The tech said he didn’t know what to do with it …::rolls eyes::…

Next time you need repairs ship it of to someone on SRK. Tons of qualified people on here to do it.