Can someone please post pics of their SSF4 TE S stick?


I’ve seen a couple of complaints about the area where your wrists might touch the controller. But every TE S stick photo is either too small or shot from the wrong angle, so it’s really hard to get a clear view.

Can someone get a few closer pics from a different angle? I can’t tell if there’s a sharp edge of plexiglass (or whatever it is), or if it’s a really smooth rounded plastic edge with a reflection on it, or what. I’m switching from PS3 to 360 so I need a new stick (too lazy to find a dual mod), was going to get the TE S, but not if this is a problem.


Maybe the first two pictures from this post by MarkMan will help?


Here ya go, sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:

Edit: Here’s one mo’!


Thanks. That really doesn’t look like it would be a problem, for me at least. It’s just that they had a very rounded top cover before and it’s hard to imagine why it was changed.

Though actually, I just looked at my regular TE stick and noticed the rounded top area does not cover the entire face of the stick. The TE S stick seems to have the artwork covering the entire top of the stick, so it’s a larger area for the artwork I assume. That would also mean the edge of the plexiglass is further down then the rounded edge on the TE stick… and “further down” means that it’s less likely my wrist is going to be touching that area.


Oh, it’s sharp, dude. I’m not a wuss or anything, but it definitely is a huge problem. How in the world this made it to production in this state is beyond me. I’m sure someone was putting in 100’s of hours of testing time on these things. They’re wrists are probably bleeding. If you’re cosidering between this or an original TE, get the original. Hands down. I have both and the TE S’s sharp edge really sucks.


You ever use a macbook? Well the edges are just like that, the difference though if you dont move your hands around using a laptop like you would on a fighting game. It’s definitely a problem. You wont cut yourself or anything on it if thats what you’re thinking, but it’s very irritating.


Assuming that this is very similar to the extended Plexiglass covers from Tek-Innovations, I have no problem with the edges at all. I actually enjoy the extended covers more than the first gen. TE covers with the plastic bezel because it allows more space for the palms to rest.

The edges are indeed thick enough to cause discomfort to some, but I don’t mind it at all.