Can someone please tell give me a program that converts mp3 to CDA

As I am coming to america and I will be driving, I dont think car radios have CD players that ca play MP3.

So I need a program that can do that, IU need it by this weekend, can someone please help me with a good one.

Also also a brief explantion on how to use it… Thank you

Just burn it to a cd in just about any program and it will play fine. Pick audio cd and it does it all for you. If you really want to go through the trouble of converting it, be my guest, but it’s absolutely unnecessary.

Yeah you can just burn it with a program like iTunes. If you have a burning program like Nero, then you have to use the audio CD option for it to work.

in addition:

Windows media player

view -> Go To -> Copy to CD or Device

although now that i thnk about it, i’m not sure if it makes an audio cd or a mp3 cd, maybe it’ll ask.

Even the most basic after market car stereos play mp3s these days.