Can someone please tell me which cmd commands this guy is using


i thought it was ipconfig but apparently it isn’t because i’m not getting the same options.


Isn’t that a mac not a PC?


It’s OSX’s unix command line isn’t it?
ifconfig and sudo ifconfig most likely.




Thats definite LXDE. You’re not going to get those commands to work in cmd lol


LOL this kid has super user privileges! This parent needs to learn basic Unix user permissions…


Still iffy. What happens when he borrows a friend’s random wifi device? If you’re going to control access by MAC address you should at least whitelist instead of blacklisting. And that can still be gotten around by sniffing on a wifi network.

Anyways, like others said that’s Windows. However Google suggest there are [generally more complicated] ways to change a computer’s MAC address in Windows too.


My computer science professor did this. All teachers and students had to register their MAC address to use the campus internet. They only allotted two devices per person… So the professor just MAC spoofed all of his stuff.


so does anyone know the equivalent cmd commands he’s using?


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No its really simple, i’ve tried. changing the Mac address wont stop BT access control… i’m sure he’s doing something else.


The command he runs is

sudo ifconfig wlan0 hw ether 0a:22:5f:ea:96:3e