Can someone post Dudley's Combo's for NOOBS!

Ok i read the rules and i checked the forums and i found a whole bunch of combos but they look like this “mgb +t mgb”. But can someone post the comobs in easier reading? Something like “LP + foward” I dont come on much so i dont know the all the abreviations of the forums.


I used to play dudley a while ago but i started playing CvS2 and just stuck w/ ryu in SF3. Can someone post dudleys most devasting combos and his easier ones for some quick damage. Combos from his LK + MK + MP + HP to his unending juggles.


c.Roundhouse * 5 :cool:
Actually, a much cooler corner combo on some characters is:
EX MGB, jab MGB, c.Roundhouse, jab MGB, c.Roundhouse, towards+forward kick XX jab(?) dragon punch.
I think that works…I’ll have to test it…

mgb is machine gun blow. it’s the hcf + p move. (half circle forward)

When doing the crouching roundhouse 5x is there a certain timing that goes with it because i got nailed with that same combo by victor at family fun and I cant semm to time it right or something but when i do it i get two off but then i get to far away from the other player…how do i get in closer without breaking the juggle?

I’m not sure the cr. RK x 5 works on all characters. I believe it works on dudley, elena, chun li. I don’t know about the others.

The timing…is cr. RK, walk forward for a split second, cr. RK, walk forward for a split second, cr. RK, etc.

That should keep you close enough for the 5 crouching roundhouses.