Can someone post the pic of the players of fighting games?


For example in the Square of KOF players, mexicans, in the Virtua Fighter square an alone chair, can someone post this?


are links allowed???/ here you go buddy


LMAO that’s hilarious!


i also have been trying to find it lol


Whoops, wrong thread!


Your website gave me a seizure douchebag:arazz:


hahaha blazblue fan is awesome!!


best website name ever


I do not want to mess with KOF fans.


What exactly are they trying to stereotype street fighter fans as? I don’t get it.


hipsters I guess


They look like typical 80’s cool kids to me. Is the Blazblue fan a prisoner?


As far as I know: blazblue fans are nerdy white kids who love anything japanese and anime


Blazblue fan kinda looks like a sex offender :rofl:
Virtua Fighter is just brilliant.


regarding blazblue
Yaranaika? (???) | Know Your Meme


that’s funny!


damn i need to start playing KoF and hang with my peoples.


I was going to be butthurt about this, but then I remembered that this is


this is too funny lol Kof types like to party and BB made me die


Are the Tekken fans supposed to be Juggalos(see ICP for more info)… and vs. fans…just so… wrong:rofl: that would be so much better if they were smoking weed and not black and milds… no racist…