Can someone rank the joystick brands?

I know that mas sticks are supposed to be the best. I also heard they are manufactured by two old geezers.

I don’t want to be an asshole, but what the fuck happens to mas when these people finally move on to a better place?

Can anyone rank the best alternatives to mas sticks so that shipping wait time, and warranty issues, etc isn’t based solely on the overall health of two old people?

I can speak myself on this one.

  1. I do this full time and work at my shop 40-50 hours a week.
  2. Arcade-in-a-Box has been in business for about 9 years. Only recently with console controllers though.
  3. 1 year warranty. Send it back, and I’ll fix it.
  4. Typical wait time is 2-3 weeks. Sometimes this expands into a month, but never longer than that unless something happens.

Just for fun I attached some pictures of my shop. I was going to post these in the arcade-in-a-box thread. But this seems like a good spot :).

It’s a little messy right now. The first are the front of the shop. Like a retail entrance, but I’m in an industrial park, so not a lot of foot traffic ;).

I gotta another question.

Can this controller panel:

Can this controller panel perfectly fit into this cabinet:

Also, I’m assuming you have converters for consoles other than xbox 360, right?

I don’t know about warranty issues per se, but it’s really easy to fix if you were to have a problem with anything. The only issue you might have with fixing cherry switches is that everything is soldered directly to the cherry switch prongs. In that case you can replace all of the wiring and have everything with QDs, so that in the future its as easy as pulling on the qds to replace the switches.

When ordering the arcade stick it’s recommended to buy from another website like,so you don’t have to wait like 6 months to get one in. These websited that act like a third party have these sticks in stock so you don’t have to wait for them to assemble your stick and the other 3 billion orders that they already have.

Another thing to look at when buying mas is what kind of other system you want to use the stick with. According to other people that have ordered from mas, they have ‘revised’ they’re psx pcb. The converters that worked for the mas like the Total Control Plus for the DC doesn’t work now. In a case like that just email Arcadeshock and see what converters work for the mas.

In any case you can always keep the case and replace the pcb with a psx pcb and have QDs put on all of the switches so you don’t have any problems with replacing switches.

Almost forgot don’t order the stick with a P360. Ask them what kind of competition joystick they’re putting in. If it’s a happ competition ask if they could put in a IL competition. Happ really does a half assed job making these joysticks.

That should be it just check the stickies as well for anything else.

Oh, thought I would mention something really quick since the happ/il thing came up.

I just ordered a few comp sticks from happ too see if they had gotten better, and I can tell a big improvement in them from that last time I ordred. With my last order, I really can’t tell a difference between them and the IL sticks now. But I am going to keep my eye on them, you never know when they might slip again.

Yes it fits with that cabinet.

Right now I just do 360, though I have done some custom orders for psx and ps2.

That’s good to know. If they did that then they should go to the drawing board and fix the P360 lol. So you only use the IL comps ed?

You should seriously consider doing DC/PS2. There is a much larger market for DC/PS2 than X360. Considering how long the wait is on a MAS, you could really clean up.

edit: english am hard

I agree with starcade 100 percent. There’s quite a number of people on the boards that are disgusted with their customer service. Aching cummers if you order anything from Ed you’re going to get a very well built product that will not give you problems with anything, even converters won’t have problems.

Sorry ed I totally forgot to mention you. Keep up the good work cause your sticks are awesome!!!

Thanks guys.

I really want to get moving on DC and PS2 stuff. Just trying to work off these 360 orders I have right now. Like I’ve said a hundred times it seems :).

The hard thing for me with the older systems if finding a constant supply of good controllers to use. For the 360, I get common ground madcatz pads at will from and they always seem to have 1000 or so in stock.

I just orderd a bulk of 14 original psx pads to use. I build a PSX stick for a customer that one worked great with the P360. Though I’m not sure if the convertors you guys use will take a psx pad instead of a ps2 pad???

As for IL or Happ. It depends. The IL sticks cost me about 3-4 dollars more per stick. I always keep them on hand to use in case the happ ones get crappy again. I test each one very closely before it ships out, and it something seems weird with the joystick, I’ll know before it goes up. I’m hoping happ will stay consistant now.

The biggest problem with happ is, the last order was all black sticks, which could be from a new run. But if I order 10 blue ones, will they be the old crappy ones or the new ones? You never know, which is why I keep IL around just in case.

When the happs ones are good, they feel identical to me and the parts are even interchangeable between the two brands.

For actual build quality of joysticks, the brand rankings (defunct brands such as Wico and Suzo are not being ranked) are:

  1. Sanwa
  2. TaeYoung
  3. Seimitsu
  4. Myoungshin (These have gotten better lately though. I have never used a Crown joystick so I cannot rank that brand.)
  5. IL
  6. Happ
  7. Biao Lian.

For buttons (I have never used actual Crown buttons, only the stock ones on Saulabis, so I am not taking into account Korean brands):

  1. Sanwa by a large margin
  2. Happ/IL
  3. Seimitsu (I don’t like Seimitsu buttons, as they change in feeling over time

For complete arcade controllers, go with MAS or Arcade-in-a-Box if you like American style sticks. If you prefer Japanese sticks, then go custom or buy a HRAP. If you like Korean sticks, then get a Saulabi or go custom.

^^ Arcade in a Box also does sticks with all sanwa parts, as japanese as it gets.

Man, there needs to be a thread for posting pics of your stick building shop. You have your pics here, TMO has some pics in one of his threads. There all over the place! Ed, you should start a thread called “Yes, show your shop!” so I don’t have to…then I will post in it.

Nice to see where my stick is being built, Ed! :lovin:

I absolutely love and drool over these pics of peoples shops. Thanks a ton for sharing, Ed.

Nice Rastan page up on the wall. God I used to spend hours in the arcade on that game.

If I were to buy a stick, I would buy it from Big Pockets.

Ok, there you go, I said it.

An official endorsement, Big Pockets Custom Sticks.

Because a box that can hold parts is weak, you gotta drop ill hard style if you’re going to be a baller.

As far as pre-built, quality american(Happ) sticks go, the MAS is about the best there is.

The only reason i have not bought one is because i’d already modded a SFAC stick a few years ago, back when new SFAC’s were still cheap & easy to find.

Ed, is that an xArcade stick I see…?

Yeah, I’m modding it for 360 for a customer.


Why would you put Biao Lian on there anyways? If you’re gonna do that, you might as well as put xArcade and their Super/Horizontal Push Button attempts on there.

hey ed nice snacks near ur computer. that is what is next to mine right now! lol

for quality custom sticks its ed, kaytrim(did i spell that right?), TMO, axis. personally i love TMO’s perfectly built cases.

for brands of parts its all ur preference. but its really between 3 brands. happ sanwa and seimitsu