Can someone recommend a good square gate analog gamepad?


Been looking for about 6 months for a decent square gate gamepad for pc. Any suggestion/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Which controllers have you tried and not liked ? You want a pad and not a stick? Reason I ask is I can only think of one “pad” that had a type of “stick” on it, and that is the Neo Geo ( 2 issues I see with that is only 4 face buttons and you may have to wait for someone to make a PC driver if it isn’t recognized. (this is the new one coming out in October for the mini)


As far as I know, a “square gate” with an analog joystick on a gamepad doesn’t exist.

Gamepads don’t have “gates” on their analog sticks; it’s just simply limited by the shape of the opening.


The one I used for years was a logitech g-uf13a which to my knowledge had a square restrictor design. The one I tried after that was a logitech f310 which I despised as it the diagonal direction gaps are way smaller than the g-uf13a which leads me to believe that it is a octagonal restrictor.
Gamepads are more of a comfort zone for me. I’ve never gotten used to 6 button layout design that arcade sticks have.


Hmmm. You’re right with the Logitech G-UF13A. I stand corrected.

However, unless games interpret things a specific way, wouldn’t a square “restrictor” shape for an analog joystick have odd functionality in the corners?
Analog joysticks use changes in the X-Y coordinates to determine how far you are from center/neutral; ie, radially. A square shape would then logically have longer radii at the corners than at the cardinal directions; do games interpret that properly? Or are the corners just additional deadzones?

I’m no expert on modern gamepads, but I’d say 99%+ of them have circular or octagonal cutouts for the analog sticks.

Why not try to get another G-UF13A?


I’ve considered grabbing another g-uf13a but it seems they have terminated the production of those. I’ve seen some on ebay but I’m sketchy about making purchases from a third party source. As you mentioned most gamepads seems to use more octagonal and circle restrictors over square and I’ve yet to find another square or at the very least a diagonal sensitive designed gamepad.


Logitech made other (d input) controllers with rounded square guide, namely the wingman series which were relatively sturdy All except the most basic one had “front” 6 action buttons a bit like the modern hori and madcatz fighting controllers. . In the series, there was a model with only one thumbstick, two models had none. The rumble model and the wireless one had 2 analog thumbsticks.
A problem with those analog sticks was the big throw, as the thumb plastic part had a diameter too small. that could be modded of course.