Can someone recommend some replacement parts for my madcatz se fightstick


I need a replacement joystick and buttons. Where would i go about finding stick+buttons compatible with my madcatz se?


Sanwa or Seimitsu parts will drop right in (though do your mounting plate research first before buying a Seimitsu stick). Focus Attack or Paradise Arcade Shop are good places to buy if you’re in the US.


Benefit to Paradise is that they have the universal mounting plates. Good idea to pick up one or two with a stick and buttons order.


Those plates don’t cut it for proper mounting of a Seimitsu that needs the ss plate for se mounts.


S plates are available. I have one. I would pick up one of each, a S universal plate (in case you ever wanted to mount a JLF in a 1/2" wood panel) and a flat universal, mount many sticks in most standard mass produced sticks. Both would have multiple uses, so still handy to pick up.


I was taking about the universal plate, just wanted the op to avoid having a Seimitsu mounted ultra short.


Any good 30mm buttons from Sanwa or Siemetsu would be drop in replacements for the buttons. Same manufacturers for the stick, a JLF from Sanwa, Siemetsu has a few more options and then there’s the Crown CWJ-303-FK (would require a harness for the default PCB). The Crown is a Korean style stick where the others are Japanese, the main difference being a lack of a gate which is replace by a rubber grommit for a quicker return to center.

If you are US based I don’t know who you would buy from, EU you’ve got arcadeforge, and arcadeworlduk as far as I know.