Can someone resize this image for me?


Just need this image reshaped for SRK av standards. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


wtf @ real life hentai


Here’s an attempt, since the size of the pic has a longer height and srk standards(I’m assuming you wanted 160x64) has a longer width a lot of the pic was cropped.

If you want something changed or added, just tell me.


How do I get such a good quality? Have you used Image Ready?


what is that from?



hummmm i not to sure if this is real… at first i thought it was some kind of doll but… anyways now it looks photo edited… the body looks like a barbie while they crop’d a real hand in… and such…

i dunno… 0_o


Thanks for the resizing.

And I just found it on the net. Dunno if it’s real or not. Just looks really funny.