Can someone teach me some GG basics?

sorry about my noobness…but i just started to really get into ggx-ggxx etc…and i was wondering how to do alot of things…ive heard of False Roman Cancels and such like that…but i dont really know how to do even regular roman cancels…:(…so how about some help here guys…i really wanna be able to play good in gg :smiley:

btw…i dont even know what character i should be…but i usually like characters that are fast and have good mind games. like…Maki from CvS2…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, has a nice primer on GGXX. It defines and tells you how to do stuff like FRCs and Instant Block. Here’s a link:

As far as characters go, you might try I-No. She has a nasty high/low game with her dash (it’s like Morrigan’s run on CVS2). You could also try Jam, or maybe Slayer. Slayer can be pretty fucking scary when he knocks an opponent down. :wow:

If you have any more questions, just post again. :tup:

i-no sounds like a sweet person to be. by far she has the best winning taunt ever. guitar solo!.

so…any tips for i-no?

Well since I need help to, is there a text book combo system in this game?

I only play I-No a little, so you should check this thread for combos and strategies:

Use dashing kick for a quick overhead, or dashing kick -> dashing slash. To combo off of her dash, land and do 2K->6P->5H and either 632146K (to keep your opponent from teching) or j.H xx 632146K. If you are not familiar with the notation I’m using, look at the numpad on the right side of your keyboard. 6 is forward, 2 is down, etc (so 623 would be a dragon punch motion).

The basics you should know for combos:

  1. Characters have certain chains with both ground and air normals (called “gatling combos”). These are character specific, meaning a 5S->5H chain might work for one character but not another.
  2. You can “tech” out of aircombos (ala SFA3) to the front, back, or neutral by pressing a button and a direction on the stick.
  3. Each normal and special has its own value of stun on the ground and in the air. Some normals do not allow you to tech immediately, but as the combo progresses, it becomes easier to tech (which eliminates infinites on an airborne opponent). An example would be Sol’s jumping Dust loop, which keeps you stunned long enough to link another jumping Dust afterward.
  4. You can blue burst (Dust and any other button) out of blockstun/hitstun, but it is possible to bait and punish burst attempts.

yeah thats a fantastic first character choice… not. i would say you should start with someone like sol, testament, or baiken… sol is just a beast… test and baiken have very homosexual high low mixup games… and millia has one too. slayer has sneaky grab mixup games… jam is too autopilot… i-no is probably too hard to learn the game starting off… id say learn someone else and get the basics down and then pick up i-no. the way her dash works and some of her combos are hard to get the hang of starting off.

faultless roman cancel is when you cancel a certain move at a particular set time by the game by tapping three attack buttons at once (not dust)… it lets you setup big combos and mixup games. for example to frc sol’s gunflame you tap three buttons as his sword touches the ground… only certain moves are frc’able. to find which ones are go to training mode and turn on the input in options. at the bottom of the screen whenever you do an frc’able move the input will flash blue at the moment you are supposed to frc the move. to roman cancel a move you have to have half bar and you just press three attack buttons (not dust) at the same time when you attack… some moves can’t be rc’d like gunflame, ky’s fireballs, most moves that are projectiles you can’t rc.

well…id like to all my effort in with a character id be good at…and ive already started to mess around with i-no so i might stick with her :stuck_out_tongue:

testament is pretty cool though…

Dang, my bad.

You don’t have to be like that, I was just trying to help. He asked if anyone in the cast has mind games like Maki from CVS2, and those three that I listed are similar to Maki IMO.

Well, somewhere not to far there should be a ggxx beginner’s thread on this forum by Kugler that is really good. If you want info about the actual game system, is your one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need. After that, play around with some of the characters to find one that looks cool, or that you enjoy using. (Don’t worry about tiers, they aren’t THAT important in ggxx) If you want an idea of how technical a character is I’ll give a small list:

easy to learn:
Testament(by far =)
maybe dizzy

hard to learn:
Johnny(kinda easy to start, but difficulty can ramp up fast)

the rest. =)

As for mind games, there are two catagories. Throw or high/low. Sol would be an example of throw where testament is more high/low. Check out the Gamecombos forums or the threads here to get an idea of the basics for each character.

Actually, I’d say it’s more like this…




Nice. I’d say you hit it right on the head tho off the top of my head, I’d put Dizzy in “the rest.” :slight_smile: Zappa under hard and Eddie in the rest also. Chars like Axl in the top of the intermediate and Bridget intermediate closer to hard. I’ve tried to learn most of the chars and that’s how they strike me, so it’s IMO, of course. The poster after you is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy off. :karate:

in your opinion, where would #R Robo-Ky appear on the list? Easy?

Robo-Ky consists of learning how to FRC s.HS. Congradulations!

Anyway, Learn whatever character you want. I learned Zappa first, and I’m not a scrub. =/ Fuck learning Sol… hella overrated. Learning a complex character is much more rewarding and requires that you learn the basics much more then Sol’s mashing of attacks into trip -> bandit bringer or Baiken’s random tatami mat festival.

I use sol cos I suck with everyone else lol. :S
I’m having difficulty getting my head around the game system in ggx/ggxx… I think it’s all the pretty colours and cool moves, very distracting. I just don’t get that meaty “thok thok bang KPOW” feeling you should get like from a good game of sfa3. Oh well… more practice.

… What the hell was that last post about?.. Thok thok bang kpow? …

Here’s the super basic KUGZ formula for learning shit.

JUMP INSTALLS: Play Slayer and set computer to “Counter-hit ON”. Do a j.HS against them, and as they bounce, wait until they’re just about chest level; now, tap slash once , and quickly tap UP and immediately slash again. Now, tap superjump kick -> slash -> kick -> slash. Normally, you only get ONE superjump, but since you just tapped up during a jump cancelable move, you have TWO superjumps now. So, superjump once more and finish the air combo.

WHITE BLOCK: Play random character and have Sol do c.K -> s.S -> s.S -> gunflame or something equally common. Try to jump out of it without white blocking. Now, during each blocked hit of the combo, tap back with move; sort’ve like just defend in CvS2. Now if you did it right, you’ll flash white. Do this on the last slash, and jump out of the fireball much sooner then you could’ve before.

OPTION SELECT: Random select, and pick another random character. Set computer to jump (you’ll need meter for this). Jump up at the opponent while holding back; once you get within airthrow range, put your middle finger on HS and your index on S; roll your fingers across the two so your character flashes green. If you are within range of the opponent to airthrow them, you will! If not, you just greenorb.

That’s all I got right now… if you have anymore questions, please ask.

I wouldn’t exactly call those beginner tactics, but they sure are helpful to me. :slight_smile: I like to double mash the air throw then BD or weigh my air options.

Really not sure where to put Robo Ky since I’ve touched him the least out of everyone but he seems even faster than chars like Teste in #R for results. I imagine he’s harder at mid level with the meter management (tension, not heat) but think he’s one of the easy pickups.