Can someone tell me how to check out at Akihabara shop?

I’ve added everything to the cart. And there is NO CHECKOUT BUTTON ANYWHERE.

Surely I am not the only one having this problem? I’ve tried with 3 different browsers, nothing works.

oh, it’s the tiny little cart that is half-rendered out of a frame on the far left part of the screen. Brilliant. :lame:

There’s a big round red “Buy” button underneath where you can choose shipping options.

it took me a few minutes to find the cart icon…

Also, if you want to remove an item you check the box next to it in your cart, then press the refresh arrow. Hope that helps someone

not many people have issues…


First time I shopped there it honestly took me about a minute or two to find it. Almost got a bit frustrated tbh. :slight_smile: I just started spamming the tab key to find all the clickable sections of the site.

Oh well.