Can someone tell me how to

How do I block Makoto’s ultra2? even if I’m holding block high/low it always connects, do I just need to jump out or what?

Also, for Cody’s that are all about zonk knuckle what is a good punish for that?

The first hit is a high block… Right? Hhaha, I’m not 100% positive, but I’m pretty sure it is.

However, there are some setups where they can actually make it crossup. I forgot what it was. But it was off of her back throw. There could be more setups for the crossup, but if there are, they will almost always require a hard knockdown. So, if you are hard knockdowned and they do a Ultra 2, I suggest just teleporting away just to be safe.

And regular Zonk is -8 on block, EX Zonk is -7. Your sweep is 6 frames, so it can always punish. Plink for better timing. Or you can just do a reversal HK tatsu if you’re lazy, I thinkkkkk. Not sure about max distance.