Can someone tell me what my stick is composed of?

I bought this almost 2 years ago off of ebay and this thing has worked flawlessly despite my beating on it through fighting games.

I would like to know what this thing is actually composed of. I’m not entirely sure but I would greatly appreciate someones help.

happ perfect 360 joystick and happ competition pushbuttons

or are you asking what wood is it made of?

No. But thanks for the info. Is there a specific kind of happ comp push buttons that I’m using? Like, I couldn’t just go to some website that sells arcade stick parts in “happ competition pushbuttons” and get what I would need would I?

Well those buttons are probably the HAPP branded iL buttons, so now you’d want to be looking for iL competition buttons. Make sure you get the convex, competition buttons and NOT the concave buttons.
Is something not working? If the buttons don’t work, you can just buy microswitches and replace them.

They work fine. But some of the buttons feel more “springy” compared to the others for some reason.

according to slagcoin: the convex buttons are called happ competition and the concave ones are called happ horizontal.

Looks like you have a Ferret-stick 3000, and that the lack of fresh banana bread to feed it has severely hindered your inputs. It looks to be rejecting the last stale piece, and you need to make some fresh bread or find a nearby bakery with it available. I’m not sure of your model number, but the newer models accept walnuts in their bread, while the older models do not. You should best ask for a nut-free banana bread, as all versions of the ferret stick accept this bread. You also seem to have a bit of blackness on the tail-stick portion. Though, it looks more like a custom bat-top as opposed to grime. It looks pretty hawt, good mods, dude.

Sorry, you’re way off base, its not a Ferret 3000, its clearly an ermine mod. Liking the minimalist color scheme of it though.

I think kitsunisan nailed it. More specifically, this is the tungsten version of the ermine mod. The black scheme just screams tungsten version.