Can someone tell me where this gif is from?

I see this posted all the time, but never found the original source

argh. i used to know. shes a singer tho. thats all i can tell you hahah:lame:

Yeah. I used to know, too. man, i don’t know, but you may be able to find out by using It’s a backwards image search that works for gifs as well.

let us know if you find out

Girl is Kaela Kimura.
Image is from music video for song “happiness!!!” called.

rep yourself for me.:wgrin:

That would make a great av

I think fullmetalross used to have an AV with it, it was pretty dope.

I figured someone would have an av using this gif.
Its kinda hard to find a funny gif like this that hasn’t been used.

I just watched the PV… sooo many other moments you can make avs from. I think I’ll make a couple… hehe.

that music video is a gold mine for gifs haha

Can anyone tell me where this is from?

I’ve seen a few avs floating around with it

Observe and report your opinion. :smile: Get Paid!

It’s from the Steve Nash Vitamin Water commercial.


That’s one of the best commercials I’ve seen in a while