Can someone tell what's up with my stick?

I modded my TE-S with the Dual Strike, V3, I believe. I got it working on my ps3 last night, but I have just a few issues.

  1. I have not piggy backed the START and SELECT buttons cuz I have no idea where the respective START and BACK button labels are on the original TE-S 360 PCB are supposed to be. Can someone fill me in on where I’m supposed to put the START and SELECT wires.

  2. The stick works great, save for no START or SELECT. But it seems that 4 of my 8 buttons are all L2+R2. Any reason for why that is?

I understand your looking for some help here friend but not putting this in the established threads for this is just going to get you trolled/infracted/and pissed off.

You can always solder to the existing button distribution board that all your TE’s buttons are wired too