Can someone test these Ruby Rocks block string traps?

Unfortunatly I don’t have anyone to play against in this game so I can’t test stuff’s reliability. I’ve been messing around with Ruby Rocks all day and I’ve got a couple of block string traps. You know how dummy oponents are though, you can never quite tell if they tell the truth or not.

Okay, there’s two, first is a mid screen and second is a corner. For the most part it seems quite strong, but there’s a few tiny holes I can’t tell if they’re punnishable or not, more so in the mid screen.,, x qcf+lp > qcf+k > dash - repeat,, x qcf+lp > qcf+lk - repeat

Can some of you gurus look at it for me and see if it has any flaws?

OK… possible holes - between the D + Hk and qcf + LP - Rubys qcf +P has very little blockstun so if pushblocked you could get hit by an assist if you try to do QcF + K after. Plus I don’t think you can repeat the pattern after the qcf + K if someones pushblocks.

As for the corner chipping - track down magnetros Ruby Heart vid - had some good patterns using rocks, ghosts, and sublimation.

Cool, it’s good to know, will still be nice for maintaining a bit of control.