Can someone translate this page plz?

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It seems to have some info regarding Necro, but seeing as how Babelfish sucks, I was wonderin if anyone can explain what it says ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;

yo did it for you, in the future, use google translate and save yourself the time, that is how i am learing KOF :slight_smile:|en&hl=en&ie=UTF8

Im just curious as to why youd want to use google translator when he conjures stuff such as the following :stuck_out_tongue:

Weak drill
Because decision of the aerial ? leprosy remains truly to before the landing sun/size,
Medium foot verification it leaks whether!! You think that you can use the mark as one-shot news item.
However when it turns to the reverse side, because it becomes the terrestrial doing, [autsu].

In, it is strong the drill
When the partner squats and it is the ? leprosy, SA is connected immediately.
So depending on [kiyara], easiness changes to seem, you aim very in [chibikiyara] and are harsh.
Strongly because medium [dori] is more difficult to catch revision from [dori], medium [dori] SA decreases.

because he asked if someone could translate this page for him O_o maybe he wanted see it all in english… i didnt look at that site so i cant really say shit about it, but i dont get your point in general…

maybe after i look at the site i would actually understand, but N E way,

Yeah, he wanted to read it in english, not the babblings of a retard.