Can someone with a Xbox One Madcatz fight stick please send me a picture of the underside of the pcb


A month ago or so I was customizing my brand new TE2 stick, when removing one of the buttons the switch came apart in the old button and the tiny ball bearing fell out and dropped under the pcb housing. After spending hours photoshoping my artwork and customizing my stick I forgot all about it and plugged it in with NO response. I could have easily shorted it just by doing that I know. When I remembered the bearing I immediately took it out and noticed one of the connections to the usb dongle was loose and unsoldered it. A month later I decided I might aswell try to resolder it and put it back together just incase it might work but cannot find a schematic or picture online that shows the usb wires on the board. Please help any help will be greatly appreciated. I am not very techy I just figured I fried my board and was so utterly depressed after spending cash on all new buttons and custom joystick parts I completely quit playing KI for at least 2 weeks. I have been using my normal controller since and wish to try to repair the pcb if at all possible, or at least get it back to original order to send off for warranty. Thank you for any help and Pretty please it is not that hard at all to remove I just had a human moment and feared the worst and jumped to the worst case scenario. I am going to also do a padhack for a couple of my old 360 sticks. I love this site by the way, again thanks and Pretty pretty please.


It doesn’t even have to be a picture just the color order from ground or the vbus markings on the board.


Please don’t spam such questions all over the board. Your one post in tech talk on the subject is quite enough.