Can someone write or link to a Beginner's Guide to Aegis

okay I’m not too good with urien but i know his basics and have been using Temporal Thunder - I think its time to move onto Aegis but I really need some of the most basic setups and unblockables before trying to attempt ones with 5 Chariot Rushes and bouncing the person off 2 Aegis Reflectors and all that fancy stuff.

also some ones that work in the middle would be nice if there are any that aren’t too difficult.

People always mention Gamefaqs (SlimX)…but personally, I didnt find it all that useful. I learned all the setups from match vids, and the fancier ones from combo vids.

Proper Aegis use requires experimentation + practice. That said, try these basic basics:

f + throw into JP aegis, headbutt over -> unblockable

corner tackle, supercancel JP aegis, (MK) tackle, cr. FP -> too many options (do MK tackle, FP for now)

cr. FP, ex headbutt, headbutt, JP aegis -> headbutt -> unblockable

well, gluck and happy aegising

OK, cool… now let’s assume this one has become second nature… what are some of the other options for continuations?

I just got into Urien and am experimenting on my DC(hopefully the fact Im on DC doesnt fuck his juggles up…) so far my fav thing to do at the “too many options” point is an EX Headbutt into SK tackle. but it seems to want to end there(the juggle at least).

Also, what are some fun options when the tackle into Aegis is blocked? Outside of the corner, I’ve just been making the Aegis FP and then going into another tackle, but then what? In the corner I’ve been using mixups like jumping RH, F_FP and other overheads

And if I can ask one last noob question, what are all the normals that link into a tackle, block and/or unblocked. cJP, sSK… SP? cFK?

Re: Re: Can someone write or link to a Beginner’s Guide to Aegis

Almost never do an EX headbutt in the corner (unless against Hugo. That bastard bounces funny). Elbow, ex tackle, RK tackle, MK tackle is one of the best options. If you can’t do the last tackle, then substitute with a standing FP, or a medium punch reset.

cJP, cSK, MP, JP then MP, cFP (first hit)…good to know, but not too useful.