can someone....

help me get better @ this game? like give me your PSN name and practic with me cuz i know how to do some things but im not sure how to put these things into matches

Veikur1 is my PSN

add me

psnid: astalas

ight thnx. when can yall get on?

I normally play around 1am to 5amish… eastern time. Often on the weekends I’m doing other stuff… but mon-fri… pretty good chance to find me during those hours. Occasionally on the weekend also.


add me. i’m going to get my copy today. i haven’t picked up the game and years and i’m looking to play good matches to get back into form.

sweet. ill add all yu. but titan nd vei accept mah friend requests already

I added u a couple days ago but then left town… so I haven’t logged in. I’ll be back 2nite and probably rolling some mahvel. Thing is I play from like 1am - 6am eastern so If you aren’t up all night you wont play much with me.

dam. culd yu get on monday? id get on taday but i got skool dah nex day

yea if I’m on psn shoot me a msg… if not… then im near my computer… so just pm here.