Can somone explain to me what exactly does a supergun do?

Ok, say I have a Naomi motherboard and a gd-rom game (like cvs2). Doesnt the Naomi board ouput SCART video and RCA audio jacks? Why is a supergun needed when I can hook the motherboard up directly to a TV with a SCART to component converter and hook up the RCA jacks directly do my TV?

I dont think it outputs SCART video. It outputs VGA on its own, and with a JAMMA I/O board, it outputs RGB in a format that is SCART compatible. You still have to get it to a SCART cable though.

Have a ball, make sure to post up pictures and logs on

If you have SCART capability (or other RGB solution, like amiga monitor or X-VGA box), Superguns are little more than wires, connectors, and a couple of switches. If you don’t, then Superguns are little more than wires, connectors, a couple of switches, and a RGB->NTSC or RGB->PAL converter. Since most boards use +5v and/or +12v for power, most home made superguns use a Jameco SC200 or similar for power, so only a DIN connector is needed on the supergun. Since Naomi runs 3.3v, youll need to figure out how to manage your power. It sounds like you got video and audio figured out, so all that is left is controls and power.

So the Naomi board outputs VGA? What kind of connector, DB15 like a computer monitor? Does a CPS/CPS2/CPS3 also ouput VGA with the same kind of connector or is it something else?

Also, for the power supply, what kind of connectors for power does it use? Are there special +5/+15 power supplies make for arcade boards? Or can you use something fairly generic?



Awewsome, is there a site like that for cps2/3?

cps2/3 only output 15khz rgb video signals. you have to have a video display that can support that low resolution. and facto f the matter is, not many monitors support 15khz since its pretty much unused. even tho i see plenty of plasma tv’s support it for some odd reason. so you either have to get an arcade monitor that supports 15khz, which is most, or a pc monitor that supports it, which is rare, or spend 4000 bucks on a plasma which will probably lag anyway. or get a signal converter to play on a tv.

a supergun is essentially the jamma harness, a power supply, a video converter if you hook up to a tv, and wires. thats about it. so easy to make. the video converters however, cost more than the whole supergun put together…

I already know cps2/cps3 output low resolution 15khz signals like the majority of videogames do. Is the output from a cps2/cps3 scart? I plan to build my own “supergun” with my own video converters thats why I’m trying to get this information. Also, is the power inputs the same as the Naomi?

The output is not scart but it can easily be converted to RGB-scart.

Ok I just bought a CPS2 board on ebay for $75 shipped. Did I pay too much? I’m going to start with CPS2 games and work my way up to Naomi.

Also, what kind of output exactly does the CPS2 output? I need to know exactly so I can get a convert to ouput NTSC. Im not going to bother buying a JAMMA harness since I have no intentions of hooking it up to an actual arcade cab.

Also, what kind of adaptors do I need or what do I need to do to hook up my sticks to the board? Any websites with information on that?

The answers to your questions are going to be found on one of these sites. Read up on all of them to get a better understanding of what you’re dealing with.

JAMMA carries everything. However it is standard 3 buttons, so the extra 3 buttons connect to the motherboard via a kick harness (CPS2 and CPS3 are the same). You need to get a JAMMA fingerboard and solder from there, or directly from the contacts for video and controls. Find a JAMMA pinout for where to solder.

You need a PSU to power the CPS2 board.

If you are going to use the RCA jacks you need to go into the test menu and change it to “QSOUND”. You need an amp to use this though. The signal is very low so you will have to crank it.

Ok, if I wire up my JAMMA plug to ouput SCART rgb and get a scart rgb to component YUV converter, what will be the result of hooking it up to an NTSC HDTV? What will the video ouput be like? Will it be sized right and the correct aspect ratio? Will the picture be line doubled? What about hooking it up to a NTSC standard definition tv?

You will have to adjust your TV for the correct ratio. I don’t know what the video output will be honestly, it depends on the converter.

It sounds like you are tryin to make a consolized CPS2? There are people at who have done that. Using a supergun is going to be a lot easier, especially if you want to use different hardware.

edit: btw Atomiswave and NAOMI are the only two Arcade boards that I know of that have a VGA connection. Most boards are going to be JAMMA standard.

What a coincidence, im over at the forums right now…

The thing is, im trying to build my own “supergun”, so I can customize it the way I want it and its alot cheaper than buying a premade one. A supergun does for about $300 but it seems I can get the parts and make one myself for about $75.

My suggestion is to find a guide and you can build your own supergun for sure. Like mentioned before, you’ll need a Power Supply, JAMMA harness, video converter (unless you have a 15khz monitor), and a way to hook up controllers. You could do it directly, or simply hack any pad to maybe a DB15 connection that you rig up with your supergun.

I just bought a jamma harness for $7. Bought a kick harness for $15. I plan to wire all the joysticks myself to a DB15 connection or similar, that will only run about $6. I can get a power supply and hack the +5/+12 voltages for like $20. The main part will the video conversion to YUV (component video for my HDTV), but im not sure how I want to handle this yet.

I dont really need a guide, I just need to know what I need to do to get the most accurate/best looking video quality on my HDTV. I guess I will need to research and maybe post a few threads on for that.

Sounds good then, I can’t help with the video converter because my supergun only does RGB, as all the monitors in my room are capable of 15khz.

Lucky you…

I have a really nice 32" Sony HDTV, thats why I just wanna use it instead of buying an actual 15Khz monitor.

click on System Mods. That’s the only chip I know of for easy conversion of 15khz RGB to component or better. Jrok and circuits based on the AD725 both do S-video at best. Another option is to spring for an X-RGB and use a VGA monitor or VGA connector on your TV if there is one.

If anyone knows of a chip like the AD725 that I can use to convert to YUV or Progressive (480p) format, please let me know. I’d much rather build a circuit by hand for $5 with a sampled chip like the AD725 than spend the $80+ on the neobitz board.

Thanks, after some extensive research, I think I might go with a XRGB2 Plus for its extensive video filters and direct RGB-in and RGB-out.

I have another question however.

Are suicide batteries on both the motherboard (the A board) and the game (the B board)? How do you know how long until you need to change the battery? And from what I understand if the battery does dead, theres no fixing the hardware, is this true?