Can Sticks Hold Grudges?


Ok so about a week ago one of the buttons on my TE stick broke. I order a new button and also buy a new stick because I wanted to play without waiting. The new stick is a SFxT pro and works great up until this morning. This morning my new button arrives so I install it on my old stick plug it up to make sure it works, switch back to the new stick and none of the face buttons are working. A,B,X,Y,RB,LB,RT,LT none of them are working. The start, back, guide buttons and joystick work though. So I think my new stick is mad at me for fixing my old one…
On a more serious note does anyone know what the problem could be and how I could fix it?

Thanks in advance


Is your stick in a locked position and is the switch set to DP? (Which DP is for the joystick so that couldn’t be the case) Otherwise open it up and take pictures.


I have moved it from lock to unlock and it is set to DP. Im not sure what exactly to take pictures of so here are some random ones.

EDIT sorry about the glare I have a plexi-glass bottom i can remove it if you need more detailed pictures


That’s a TE right?

Can you double check the harnesses coming out of your terminal block (the black thing with the wires coming out to your buttons) and make sure that they are secure? It could just be that one of your harnesses came loose and the ground terminal isn’t connecting properly with your stick.


Everything feels secure. I pushed on them all just to make sure. Still no luck


You just bought it? Take it back to the store and get your money back.


I would rather keep it. Would madcatz do warranty work on it with a plexiglass bottom? I haven’t touched the insides just replaced the bottom.


Swap the bottom back with the original and return it, and exchange for another one. No big deal. As far as I know, as long as you didn’t remove the top panel or break the sticker with the “warranty void” on it, then you should be ok. Still, waiting for madcatz to mail you a sticker to send the stick back and then wait for another stick will take way, way longer than simply returning it to the store.


None of the face buttons working sounds like a grounding issue. Can you look at the cables that run from the PCB to the terminal block - pay special attention to the connectors.


since you said that your connectors are secure, can you make sure that they’re connecting to the right place?
Cn1 = Cn1 on terminal block, Cn2 = Cn2, etc…


Its hard to see exactly where they go to because it is hidden under plastic. However it was working yesterday morning so I assume they are all in the correct area


All of the face buttons use the same wire for the ground line. If you’re having problems with all of them, and those problems weren’t there before, then the ground line is a single point of failure, and the connectors - a place where lines are broken and re-connected - is a likely place for that failure to have occurred.


So I would have to get under there and check those connectors? Is it something like they might be loose or would they need replaced?


They’re likely to be loose.


Ok so the connectors from here…

lead to here under the plastic…

If I unscrew these screws…

can I access it? The plastic doesn’t look like it opens so maybe it unscrews the top?


Hmm… the photos don’t look terrible, but those aren’t the best angles. If you don’t want to take it to the store, maybe there’s a local modder who will look at it?


I took a look at the local modders thread but it looks like it hasn’t been updated in some time. How would I go about finding a local Modder. Im located in Western MD.


Don’t know that area at all… do you have a multimeter?


Not currently… But I can get one


It’s a little odd that all the face buttons don’t work, but start and back do… I assume everything feels normal when you try to push the buttons?