Can"t Beat N Groove Sagat





RC THAT SHIT!!!:evil:


RC Hurricane Kick RUINS Sagat. It acts as an anti-poke, anti-air, it gives you free meter, gives you frame advantage, free guard damage, and if it hits (HK version), you get a free LP-LK-Dragon Punch and if you have meter, LP -> Custom…

Just be careful for:
-Roll (Try to bait it out for a free throw/combo)
-Hop Straight-Up + HK (Mix up with RC Fireball for this)
-Counter Movement (The HK Hurricane Kick version is punishable, the MK version is not)


lol… good job @ jacking dr. b’s avatar :slight_smile:


Yep. If you learn how to RC, you just really need to stick to the Hurricane Kick and the Fireball RC. RC Hurricane Kick to bypass pokes/fireballs and to do damage and use the fireball for anti low jump (Jab version works wonders for this, as well as the Short Hurricane Kick). Your s.RH will go over his c.Forward and punish a missed c.FP. Otherwise, be patient and be ready to RC on reaction to his running stuff.

RC Sakura has the advantage in this match up, no matter what.


Ok I completely disagree about Sakura winning this match up for free…but anyway here’s a lot more to look out for.

-Don’t ever cross-up Sagat up close (ex. walk up S.jab->S.Jab->Crossup Forward) you will get tiger uppercutted everytime(crossup dragon motion). There are very instances where she can cross him up without puting herself in danger.

-Watch out for short jump back. Free super if he dodges you RC Roundhouse hurricane with this. Or he can Small jump roundhouse on reaction if he has no super.

-Watch out for fake run -> dash back/small jump back. If he makes you miss a RC hurricane or fireball, free super for Sagat. This pretty much eliminates you to RC on reaction to his run.

-At the right distance Sagat can actually just S.Fierce RC Roundhouse Hurricane. A little bit after her first rotation or hit the invincibility runs out. So Sagat might sometimes walk back trying to land this.

-Try very hard not to let Sagat make you wiff a RC fireball, try very very hard.

-You should be trying to push Sagat in the corner. This is where you can truly fuck him over, he will probably end up using meter for counter rolls and attacks.

-The best time to RC hurricane is when you put yourself in frame advantage. In all honestly RC Roundhouse hurricane is probably not a good idea to do unless you have frame advantage.
Ex. in a block string, combo into hurricane then RC roundhouse hurricane:
like C.Jab->C.Strong->Roundhouse Hurrican->RC Roundhouse hurricane

  • RC Short Hurricane is very powerful in this match up, the problem is getting it’s range. So if you find a way in( a block combo maybe) , start playing mind games with RC Short Hurricane.