Can TE stick handle a few punches?

ok so i still have the first sf4 edition TE stick and i have been treating it like my baby for almost 2 years now but yesterday i had a salty rage moment and slammed my flat hand very hard on the button part. everything seems to still work but it seems to respond…differently? i dunno, it could be that i finaly had a good night sleep in many days but my stick feels like its responding a frame or 2 more slowly or something. i’m totally not into technical stuff so is it a possibilty or is it just my neurons and muscles? if it is the stick could i do something about it? i dont realy want to buy a new stick since i’m kindoff fond of my first sf4 edition :S

Buttons can easily be replaced. But the TE is designed to take a lot of punishment, you would have to Falcon Punch the TE to damage it.

ok that realy eases my anxiousness thanks :slight_smile: i guess its just me then

Whatever you do, don’t slam it on the floor then jump up and stomp on it, because that definitely breaks it. Now I’m $130 poorer because I’m an idiot.

360 piledriver on to the floor? If you were ever going to break your stick in style, that’d have to be it.

Actually, A well placed hit on the top panel can cause the panel to warp and/or bend, as a few of my saltier friends have discovered. Might be a good idea to remove the panel and see what the damages are.

And you could have done some damage to the microswitches, hence the change in responsiveness.

Depends who’s punching it… :razzy:

i’ve done that a few times and it doesn’t seem to have done it any harm. my A button feels slightly different, like it needs less pressure, but that could just be from using c.short so much.

microswitches? does that mean i can switch them back? lol sorry i seriously have no clue concearning technical stuff.

i guess i’ll need to watch a youtube stick tutorial for that?

holy shit ppl are mad

I’ll tell you what it can’t take: being curb-stomped. I have a friend who is pretty legendary for his rage at controllers, consoles, and any other piece of game equipment that is stupid enough to be involved when he’s not on his game. I got this from him as part of the deal with an SE he had switched the TE buttons into. I was going to switch in the JLF, but I when I tried I discovered he had actually managed to bend the mounting plate and the SHAFT! I’ve cannibalized this thing pretty well, though. I’m planning on using the side panels to make a custom. A “TE-meets-stained oak” kinda thing.
Anyway, you can bend the panels back into shape a lot of the time, but not after this. However, I’ve found no problems with the components (other than mentioned above).

Lol…that rage. Anyway you could always replaced the buttons. I drop my TE stick a few times playing on my lap lol but it still works perfectly.

Start reading the stickies and chasing things off from there. Also read Welcome to your new obsession. I don’t know if there are support groups yet, but the forums are a good substitute.

You slapped the lag into it! Try turning it over and slapping it back out.

If I were in anger management I’d put some ads up in SRK

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It can handle a few punches. Not so much a few knees. I know three people who kneed their sticks in a salty rage and those sticks were never the same again.

A TE will always lose to a even intermediate karate master who is trained in smashing things like cinder blocks and boards. Especially if the practitioner is more than 200 lbs.

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I’ve opened the TE Top panel. And believe me. That metal 2cm inch thick plate will not warp if you punched it. You need like a wrench to do some sort of warping on the top panel. And even if it did warp… Who cares? It’s not gonna affect the TE’s efficiency unless you punched it near the buttons which could cause the button to rock back and forth.