Can the Community Petition for "Bang the Machine"

I don’t want to start any trouble…(although this is, lol) however, first I would like to give a great amount of props to EVO 2K8. Congratulations to all the champions. You know that I’m gonna rep Justin cause he reps the Empire but I would like to give a special congratulations for John Choi, who has earned the title “Captain America” for winning Evo for the USA.

This year’s Evolution has significant meaning and “Context” to the event (thanks for the word Seth) because of the Reality Documentary “Bang the Machine”. For me the Documentary made the finals for Evolution all that more meaningful. Watching Justin, Ricky, Choi, Amir, Watson, Calipower and more turned me into a true supporter for the USA when they went toe to toe with Japan’s best. Now for the trolls that want to say something about whether or not Nuki or Tokido are Japan’s best, “Flip”. The point is our US heroes went out there and gave there best and beat JAPAN in 08! Hold that! B4’s revenge was served.

Now that we’re past that on to the point of this thread. Why is Bang the machine not available for the community? I know that there are a lot of “Legal” matters that answers that question which is fine, but the significant history of this community’s culture is defined in that documentary. As an outsider from the Fighting game community I can tell you guys that the documentary is very informative, entertaining and educational. It makes me want to now take up fighting games “seriously”.

When you have something of that power, it should not be held from the gamers. Is there a way that the community of fighting games…no the community of gamers can petition the release of the documentary. It doesn’t have to be sold it can be shown for free which should go under copyright laws because no profit is being made. This thread is actually for SRK as a whole. Thus I would like to start a petition for the free release of “Bang the Machine”. Whats your thoughts and vote?

(PS: After seeing Bang the Machine and the King of Kong, I give it to Bang the Machine. Its more gritty and nasty. However in the defense of the King of Kong it isn’t fair to compare the two because of the format in which the competition is held. BTM is more about head to head, human to human, while KOK is more about head to head, Human vs. CPU. Story wise though BTM is godlike. Watson owns free. If that was me though…we’d be fighting. No offense Watson but I just couldn’t go out like that, you’d would just have to beat the crap out of me. I don’t know…guess its a NYC thing.)

hmm, see i preferred king of kong over bang the machine. here was my thoughts on the matter:

but yes, it should be made available. hell i’d pay for it.

From what I know, it would be illegal to sell it because of copyright issues. However for the sake of the community, its history and the significance of the Documentary to the very cultural elements that are found in the Evolution event I think the documentary should be released for free and let the community move it as a cult favorite which could inspire the movement for the second installment. Think about the possibilities, opportunity, etc…

I left a post in your thread.

I talked a little bit with Peter Kang about this and while giving it away for free will NEVER happen he did have this to say:

It will be available for purchase at some point or part of a bigger package that is something that all Street Fighter players will be buying.

A little cryptic but trust me - this amazing documentary isn’t just lost forever - attempts have been made for years to get it out to everyone. Granted none have worked out yet - but that hasn’t stopped Peter from moving forward and trying new avenues.

I have faith that you guys might be all viewing this in your own homes sooner then you think.

Derek Daniels

…but would a petition help?


I know what you are trying to do - because I’ve tried to do the same thing. I love BTM and wish everyone on the planet could watch it.

As I’m sure you know - things sometimes just aren’t as simple as they should be. Peter is aware of the hunger for the movie - which is why it has been at Evo a few times over the years. But there are certain things preventing him from giving it away.

Trust me on this - the stuff that is in the works right now will make everyone super happy. And who knows - if the 1st one is a success maybe we will see parts 2, 3 and 4!!

Derek Daniels