Can the DLC be installed to the 4gb flash memory on the 360 Slim?

My old X-Box got RROD and and need to get a replacement, I just saw a video showing how to mod your old Phat 360s HD to work on the Slim, works perfect and all you need is a cheap plastic case for less then $5 from china to put it in after you take it out of its old case.

Thing is, seeing as its from china I could be waitng 6 weeks for it, I know some games wont work with the internal flash memory (Halo Reach) but does anyone know if the DLC for AE will work ?. I already bought it on my old 360 so its just a matter of downloading it again to the flash memory if it works.

Thanks in advance

Umm… i believe it should. Though if you have costumes saved onto your xbox and not the memory stick then you won’t be able to use them

Yes, it installs to the slim’s flash drive.

I will let my brother know(he was asking me the same question).