Can the Fighting game genre be taught?

My stepdad was talking/complaining to me one day about how much time I waste playing my games. This isn’t unusual, hell, this has become part of a weekly routine.

What *was *unusual was that one day, during his complaint, he brought up the idea of me teaching people how to play games as a school course. I gave him a funny look…

Then I thought about it. Most games, or genres, are hard to actually teach to somebody. But fighting games seem to be an easier approach. I mean, there’s history, there’s basics, there’s the finer points to take into consideration that most people don’t just magically know, they either ask, or pick up on it from watching others.

What does SRK think? Could “Fighting Games 101” really be a class of a sort? I’m honestly intriguied, to the point that I’d want to put it into motion if there’s enough material to justify it.

with all the ridiculous courses you hear about these days, if you had interesting subject matter, dynamic activities and teaching style, basically could make it fun and pitch the idea well, i’m sure this could become a class.

Sounds great…

  • there’s a lot of steps to take with movement, execution, wake-ups, cross-ups, okizeme, etc
  • A lot of ways to play, whether it’s offensive, defensive, turtle, rushdown, punish, keep away

and that’s only even all of it, I mean it’s a very open ended subject imo so if you were ever to want to teach it I’d say go for it (it would help out a lot of people who are ignorant on the subject) :tup:

And along with strats and characters, give the students the history of fighters, show them why things are the way they are, and also maybe do things like highlight certain points in time, or certain companies, or even players.

krazykone - Yeah, those were just some of the things that I had in mind. Things that are hard to teach in one session, but given the timespan of a college course…

Didn’t Skisonic teach a class about Marvel? I’d like to hear how that went.

just paypal me $100 at and I’ll teach you whatever you need to know

Hmm… this definitely sounds like an interesting thing. When you’re talking about a class, would it be like:

  1. A scrub like me needs help with his strategy, but doesn’t completely know what he needs to improve.
  2. The beginner then records a couple of his matches that show off what his strategy basically is.
  3. He uploads the matches to youtube then posts them on a thread like this.
  4. A skilled player(s) watches his videos tells him where he is weak and how he could improve that area in his strategy. The player(s) could also link him to some threads that could help him.
  5. The beginner goes to work on the skilled players’ suggestions and strengthens his overall strategy.
  6. If he still feels like he needs more direction he comes back to a thread like this posts more videos.
  7. Rinse, wash, repeat until he feels satisfied with his strategy and knows what direction he wants to take it.

Would the class be something like this^ or would it be something more involved?

If colleges can get away with teaching Starcraft, they could probably get away with teaching Street Fighter.

As an adjunct professor myself, I’ve come to realize that anything that can be analyzed objectively can be taught. There are some things that are specific to certain games (like sidestepping in 3d games), but most concepts of attacks, special moves, their properties, hitboxes, etc can be taught. A class like this could even have a 2-3 hour lab where you play and work on your execution.

A simple one semester class could teach basics, then you could have a part two class where you discuss elementary strats and mind games. Hell I bet if you gave me a week I could come up with a course outline and syllabus lol

Wow, and here I thought I already had a decent idea of what to do. :tup:

Maybe we could work on something together? :rofl:

And this wouldn’t be a game specific class (at least, not the first class). It’d be about fighters in general, then maybe have smaller classes/labs for the different games (SF, GG, Tekken, KoF, etc.) and their styles.

As a fellow Professor, I’d even go so far as to say even things that can’t be analyzed objectively can be taught(see: Creationism).

I definitely think so. I want to do it at some point and bring my students to big tourneys and see how they place.

You looking to teach or learn? I could always use some help spreading the info


Sorry but Sirlin already did this when he wrote ‘Playing to Win’.

Honestly, a little of both :rofl:

I’d be willing to try and teach, or help come up with the material to teach if needed, and I wouldn’t mind leveling up a bit more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The problem with a class like this is that most of the people who would be interested would not be beginners, but they would be people already into the scene (or at least know about it). That would mean that you would need to be an EXPERT to not lose your legitimacy as a teacher.

This is like asking can the fighting game genre be played. We already know the answer to this. People teach other people how to play all the time. Hell, Valle is holding classes in socal right now.

I just think is sort of silly. Granted I had a person actually explain things to me in fighters and walk me through some stuff but it is hardly what one would call a class.

I think the best teacher is what most people here did; research, experience and practice. And best of all, its absolutely free of charge - just need the williness to learn.

People always seem to want things laid out for them these days.

Didn’t someone teach a class about StarCraft? Some lectures was on youtube. Sirlin was in the class and brought up yomi, if I remember correctly :rofl:


disagree with what you think best teacher is tho. best teacher is what keeps you improving exponentially. once you get to the level where you know just about everything most gamers know, research experience and practice only do so much