Can the SF4 community do me a favor?


Stop using the word ‘clutch’ incorrectly and constantly, thanks.

Oh, and what’s up with people saying ‘real talk’ before they say something? Is it like if you don’t qualify something as ‘real talk’ it’s automatically fake talk? So if I don’t say ‘real talk’ before what I’m saying am I lying?


Can you the SF4 community a favor and not make shitty threads?


I was really expecting to read this:
Topic: Can the SF4 community do me a favor?

Body: And Shut the fuck up!?


Real talk this thread is not clutch.
Like, really dude? Three words are pissing you off? I’ve been irked by the popularity of the words but real talk it’s not that bad.


i agree. these e thugs think they’re so cool lmao. and they are always like nigga this nigga that. lol. pathetic, ur not tough buddy.


I’m gonna start using those words now out of spite.

Real talk.


The way you used your capital letters and punctuations is maaaaaaad clutch. You so nice.


why so salt pringles?


you a punk ass bitch :annoy: thats real talk


Real talk, bro.


You’re awesome, fake talk.


Clutch, anyone see the match between this kid Diego and Justin? Diage was so real talk.


This was all a plot to get flamed, right?

Excellent job!


real talk if you don’t like real talk then maybe you just don’t talk real or your not clutch enough to say real talk in time before the next sentence.


I can’t drive stick because I don’t understand the concept of using clutch.


I see what you did there :rofl:


I like the word clutch. There alot of slang people say. I say let people say it. It doesn’t matter.


Is the japanese equivalent usage of clutch, ‘pinch’ ?

Because the titles in SF4 called ‘Pinch King’, ‘Pinch Ace’ etc, I can’t think of any other possible connection to fighting games. And there’s the phrase “in a pinch”.


bovered :rolleyes:


Can you do yourself a big favor and ban yourself? It’s 2009…real talk is real talk.