Can the wireless xbox 360 PCB be used for a custom wired stick?


I have a broken Xbox 360 controller. The controller is wireless. Is it possible/financially practical to use this PCB for a wired arcade stick? I tried using the search function, but I didn’t see this specifically addressed.


I want to know this as well, I have a few wireless xbox 360 controllers just lying around that I don’t really use anymore, it’d be great to use as a dual-mod for my arcade stick.


No data passes through the USB cable on the wireless xbox360 controller, so I would say no.


okay so its a different PCB u think?


? Not sure I understand the question.


Basically, I am concerned that the wired X360 controller’s pcb is physically different than the wireless one. If so, even the USB breakaway kit on focusattack may not work on the wireless. I’m not worried about the wire as I want to make a breakaway, my fear is there is nothing to solder to. Its may not be worth the risk, I think I will go Cthulhu on this one.

With that cronusmax out there, I can even go cheap on the PCB as that thing will translate even logtiech controllers to new consoles.


The pcb is different. One passes data through Bluetooth and one passes through USB. If you connect your wireless through the USB port only power is transferred, no data is passed. BTW, Cronusmax is not tourney legal.


Also, cross platform support for new generation consoles require the console’s controller to be attached.